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7 Facebook Strategies That Generate High User Engagement

Date, Jan-27

Are you looking for Facebook post ideas for your brand page? Such a simple formula, and it has worked for unlimited businesses in the past. But is it still true today? Is it still that convenient? The reality is that it has become tougher now than it has ever been to see organic engagement on Facebook content posts. Audience isn’t as easy to engage.

May be it’s because people are now more aware of how effective it has been, so there’s more competition. More companies are fighting for consumers’ attention. Now you need to be extra creative with your posts to get your business noticed. Posts that your fans will appreciate and, most of all, engage with are what you’re looking for!


10 Assured Facebook Post Ideas to Know in 2020

1. Start Posting Story

Posting a story is one of the best Facebook post trick because it helps more engagement with fans on your Facebook. They can associate to it, especially if they’ve gone through something similar content.

You can initiate by creating videos that shows your brand mission and goal. Doing so will allow you to establish an emotional link with your audience. People like to engage with stories. They like to view Facebook Stories other than Posts. It has been analyzed that if you post a story on Facebook Page then it increases user engagement by 20% which is a great thing.


2. Always Post what is Trending

According to Facebook algorithm, when you post about a trending topic, the chances of getting it in Facebook feed increase by 60% that is a plus point for an online marketer. When your Facebook post will be related to trending content, then you will have also a chance to answer the queries of huge audience.


3. Schedule Your Content Post

Time management plays a very significant role to finishing a task. Whether you’re a student, a professional, a common man that doesn’t matter at all. Time has equally distributed for all of us. If you are an online marketer then you can understand this fact well that a user like things on time.

So whenever you are busy in other work so schedule your content post one day before and it will make a proper trust and relation with your Facebook brand page.



4. Join More Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the best things you can do for more user engagement. A Facebook group helps you to reach thousands and even millions of targeted audience. For example, if you have a blog on Health and fitness then you can simply search in the Facebook search bar.

Facebook groups have so much potential to reach more audience you can’t imagine. You can sell you own products at reasonable cost.


5. Ask Relevant Questions

You can also ask questions to your fans by giving them a direct call to action to engage with your valuable content! Include questions that are relevant to your targeted audience that you know they would want to answer in the comments on your engaging post. This is a working way to increase engagement in a flash!

Try to ask relevant questions to your audience that they will love to answer so resulting more user engagement.


6. Offer & Deals

Sometimes a good sale or marketing is just the incentive your targeted audience needs to engage with your content! You can also increase the amount of “shares” your post gets by encouraging users to share the sale or promo code with their friends!

Work more on creating a user friendly post that is easy to understand because people will scroll your post if they don’t find something helpful in your deal that you’re offering to your customer. Always create attractive post.


7. Post on Niche Topics

Niche Topics are more likely to get higher audience engagement. For Example, You can post about Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, News & Photo content. If an audience will find value in your content then there are more chances of getting your post shared or like.

Focus on providing value to your customer and that is the secret to engage more users with your brand Facebook Page.