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How to Promote a YouTube Channel in 2020

Promoting a YouTube channel in 2020 can be a herculean task if you’re just starting with it. Today, it’s easy to create a YouTube Channel but when it comes to marketing of a YouTube Channel it seems a tough assignment. In this article we’ll came to know step-by-step, How to Promote a YouTube Channel.


In this modern era of technology and advancement, almost 70% people are using smartphones on daily basis. People love to make videos and post on social medial platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. They try to flaunt in the society by sharing valuable information and gaining more followers. But if any social media  platform pay you for doing your efforts of sharing knowledgeable information then who don’t want to join that platform. YouTube made it possible to pay its user for sharing their unique content. Every third person is coming on YouTube.


In 2020, if you have video content then YouTube can be your first choice for sharing your content from which you will get paid also. In this article, we’ll discuss the major steps on How to Promote a YouTube Channel.


Steps to Promote a YouTube Channel


1. Choosing Your Topic

If you’re a beginner and planning to create a YouTube channel then the very first thing in your mind may strike the niche (topic) on which you’re going to make your YouTube Channel. Before you research on your topic, you should know about this that in which thing you’re good at? It can be anything like Singing, Technology Unboxing, Product Reviews, Video Reaction, Comedy and Entertainment.

First of all you must know your skill and talent which will be plus point for you. So, it’s better to decide your topic first.


2. Search Engine Friendly Keywords

After done with topic of your niche you can start your keyword research. Many people do this big mistake of not doing proper keyword research. Keyword research is a major part if you want to gain more subscribers. There are a lot of free keyword research tools available online like Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest and Thehoth.

The above discussed free keyword research tools you can use for your YouTube channel topic.


3. Use Catchy Titles

The title of your video is the primary thing visitors see when they find your content. What's more, on the off chance that it isn't catchy, it may be the last. Here are some fundamental tips for composing unique YouTube titles.

A video title defines your content of the videos. Try to use titles that grab the attention of the visitors.


Keep it Quick and Effective: The most famous YouTube videos will in general have the shortest titles. Stick to 60 characters or less or a portion of your title may get cut off when displayed.


Include Your Keyword:  In the main portion of the title to avoid from losing important data. Most online readers focus around the start of the sentence and avoid the rest.


Engaging with doesn't mean misleading content. The best features offer an obvious profit or make a passionate response. Misleading content or Clickbait is a wrong thing, yet can harm your divert's reputation in the long term.


4. Use Effective Thumbnails

A video thumbnail is the major view of your video in YouTube. A video thumbnail also can be regarded as the first glance or display that will show to its user. Always try to create custom frame thumbnail for you video content.

Thumbnails matter, possibly more than titles. That is on the grounds that our brains are designed to see visuals first. We process them in under 13 milliseconds, as indicated by one MIT study.

YouTube produces programmed thumbnails for all videos, yet they can be blurry or out of core interest. To help sees, make an eye-getting custom thumbnail for each video you post.


  • You can refer the following tips to create your video thumbnails that are listed below:
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720 px (but any 16:9 aspect ratio should work)
  • Format: .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG
  • Size: respect the 2MB limit
  • Use high contrast images
  • Add text and colors to encourage clicks
  • Choose a close-up image, if you can
  • Use a stock photo when in doubt
  • Be consistent with other branding


5. Update Channel Profile

A lot of YouTubers skip the profile segment and get directly to content creation. But, a convincing profile is perhaps the least demanding approaches to advance your YouTube channel and lift your SEO.


Here are some recommended tips for making a successful YouTube profile:


Be Reliable: Utilize a comparable shading writing style, composing style, and format as you do on your site and other social channels.

Upgrade YouTube Channel Description. This is an incredible spot to include keywords. YouTube punishes "tag stuffing," however including several keywords can go far.

Keep Viewers Returning: When and how regularly will you post new content? Tell fans your timetable at that point ensures you stick to it.

Include Contact information: No one can tell who should contact you. Make it simple for them and you could land some incredible associations.


6. Offer Value to Your Customers

Incredible content is the most ideal approach to keep viewers connected with—and the best method to rank well in search. That is because YouTube's ranking system organizes the viewers understanding and experience.

Always try to make valuable content for your subscribers because you’re going to share content among millions of user. A first impression is last impression this couldn’t be ignored


Conclusion: In this Article, We have discussed step-by-step about How to Promote a YouTube Channel to make it successful and growing. These tips will definitely help you to give a start to your YouTube channel.